Ladder Corda 3 (000705)


Self-standing, one sided, household ladder


The main characteristics of the ladder:

    • One sided stepladder;
    • Wide steps;
    • Stable frame and leg support made of rectangular aluminum tube;
    • High safety arc (600 mm);
    • 80 mm wide profiled steps for safe lifting and placement;
    • The protective tips on the ends of the steps;
    • Multiple riveted connection between frame and steps.


    • The presence of protective tips of steps;
    • Comfortable work due to wide steps;
    • Playground with anti-slip surface;
    • The design is very durable;
    • Small in size, does not take up much storage space;
    • Time-tested quality;
    • Compliance with European safety standards (Certificate EN 131 Norm);
    • Perfect for home, apartment;
    • KRAUSE Corda is a cost savings without loss of quality.


Manufacturer Krause
Type One-sided ladder
Scope of application Household
Material Aluminum
Number of sections 1
Number of steps 3
Manufacturing country Poland
Platform height 0.55 m
Width 41 cm
Height 1.34 m
Transport dimensions 1.34 × 0.41 × 0.12 m
Working height 2,25 — 2,55 m
Max. work load 150 kg
weight 2.8 kg


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