Climtec 1 scaffold system (710130)


Working scaffold system, level 2  (additional products: climtec 0, climtec 1)



Main characteristics:

  • Quick assembly without tools thanks to safety clamps with power connection by means of an extendable bracket on the crossbar;
  • The height of the platform can be adjusted from the crossbar to the crossbar, which allows you to install the side walls of the tower at different heights (for example, on stairs, ledges, etc.);
  • Safe climbing from the inside on anti-slip profiled crossbeams;
  • The basic design is ideal for working indoors, as in the assembled state it freely passes through the door due to its low height and telescopic cross bars;
  • Wheels not included (purchased separately).

Features and benefits:

  • It is possible to additionally equip with a set of rollers, angular support, ballast weights;
  • Thanks to the rollers on one side, the tower can be easily moved by one person;
  • Verified TUV/GS;
  • The material is corrosion resistant;
  • V-shaped telescopic traverses provide optimum stability due to an increase in the bearing area in the longitudinal and transverse directions;
  • The design is characterized by high durability and rigidity;
  • Convenient to use, as it does not require any habits for work or special physical training;
  • German quality.


Platform size 1.5 × 0.6 м
Height to platform 5 м
Working height 6,7 — 7 м
Height 6 m
Max. load 200 kg
Benefits Traverses
Manufacturing country Germany
Manufacturer Krause
Material Aluminum
Weight 84 kg


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